Saturday, June 13, 2009

My New Scales

I have finally obtained a scale to weigh my equipment at home. Up to this point I have utilized the mail scale at work but that set up was definitely not ideal. I actually received two scales so if anyone would like to borrow one to get a baseline gear weight just let me

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Green Rock Trail

I had the pleasure of pounding out The Green Rock Trail on Saturday. I had a full three season pack with me…that is in Missouri terms all seasons except summer. Base pack weight was 9.7 pounds with about 1 pound of food and a 1 liter Platypus. I had my new Go Lite Sun Dragons shoes on and 20 miles in front of me. The morning started off perfectly cool and quiet, but a short distance in I started passing people around every corner.It turns out that the city of Wildwood had an outdoor event that day that was well attended, considering I passed 77 people before the 5 mile mark. I made it to the southern terminus by 12:00 pm (3 hours 15 minutes one way) and had a quick lunch. Back on the trail and headed northbound, I caught up with Boy Scout Troop 680 and hiked with them for 2 slow miles at which point I continued on solo. The last person I encountered was Bob Banker who was on his 28th mile of the day and in training mode for the Leadville 100 this August in Colorado. I wished him luck and motored on down the trail. It was 5:00 pm by the time I hit the parking lot at Rockwoods Reservation, but I think, had I not hiked with the scouts, I would have been on target for a 6 ½ hour round trip. This was a great training run for our upcoming trip to Illinois but my legs still ache as I type this 2 days later…I need to train more. Check the Skurka shot

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Green Rock Trail

This weekend I will be parking my car at Rockwoods Reservation and doing a 20 mile out and back of the Greek Rock Trail. I will be bringing a full pack and simulating a day from our upcoming trip in Illinois. 8 am on Saturday is the start time. Hope to see someone else there. jm

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