Friday, March 19, 2010

5 year Recap

It has been five years since this group of friends began hiking again and I thought it was time to post a collective of group photos from the trips. Aside from the 9 regular attenders, we have had 17 other people join the group for only one trip. For some, this was their first backcountry experience, while others simply didn't have time to plan an outing. It has been amazing to see the packs get lighter and the mileage per outing longer...and the moonshine container has even gone from glass to collapable water bag. I think next up will be the entire Courtois Section in two days...anybody in? Here they are:

Trace Creek-26 miles-2005

Middle Fork-22 miles-2006

Blair Creek-20 miles-2007

Karkaghne Section-28 miles-2008

Council Bluff to Bell Mountain-20 miles-2009

River to River Trail, Illinois-42 miles-2009

Current River-30 miles-2010


  1. What great memories you guys are creating for those nights to come around the campfire. Hope one of you is keeping a journal. Keep it going for as long as you can....

  2. Kathie- We certaintly have some memories of our trips...including one in particular that involved tossing a dog across Ottery Creek in January with snow falling. These trips will continue as long as we are alive. Thanks for the comments. jm

  3. Jeff--I know it's not a long hike, but you should make it to Trail of Tears and backpack into the wild area. Holy smokes. They did a helicopter burn in there last spring and it is unlike anything I've ever seen in Missouri. It's a different world back there. Make it an overnight to listen to the wind sweeping through the valley. Magical.

  4. Allison-It has been many many years since I have been there and would love to go back. Last time I was there I encountered the largest Timber Rattlesnake I have ever seen. Might be short enough to take my little one along. Thanks for the heads up!

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