Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Whats Next?

With the successful completion of the MR 340 it is time to get back in the woods for some relaxation. Any ideas on a trip for this winter? jm


  1. Hey! Good job on the 340! I saw you all pass through JC. Bet it was a great trip.

  2. Glad to hear the MR 340 went well! I've been checking the 3dudes site every few days looking for a trip report! Is one in our future?

  3. Heber- Yes an update is forthcoming. We are preparing a video that may take some time and we didnt want to do a lot of repeating ourselves before it is all released. The 3 Dudes took 1st place in the team division and completed the 340 miles 45:53 of continuous paddling...the last 100 miles consisted of many hallucinations. That time helped us take 13th place overall. jm

  4. Good afternoon to you. I just wanted to see if it would be possible to have a link to my blog included on your site here... My site, Local Treks, is all about trails and parks here in Missouri & Illinois. If you could give it a look and see if you like it I'd love it if you could link to it, you'll find my blog at I hope you don't take offense to my posting here, I couldn't find another way to contact you on this page...

    Happy Trails,